For patients

Any child may be seen by the paediatricians

The child may be referred from your general practitioner/family doctor, insured patients and those paying for their own treatment (Self-Pay).

If you think your child needs to see a paediatrician, you may visit your family doctor and discuss your concerns with them first. They will assess your child and where appropriate make a referral to the paediatrician.

You can also see a paediatrician without a referral from your family doctor. Without a referral you will need to pay the full costs yourself.

Making an appointment
To arrange an appointment with one of the consultant paediatricians, please call +45 45 85 88 99 during the hours 1800-1900 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you would like to request an appointment by email ( please ensure that you include the following information: Name of the child, CPR no./birth date and a short description of the problem to be addressed by the paediatrician. Please also include information on how to get in contact with you by phone and the name of the referring doctor, if any.

Note, that in an emergency or if you are worried about your child, you must take them directly to your local Accident and Emergency Department – or contact the 24-h service ‘vagtlæge’.

Your child’s appointment
Before the appointment itself, you might like to think of questions you wish the paediatrician to address

Initially time is spent talking to you to understand your concerns, hear your questions and to learn about your child’s previous history, current health and behaviour. The assessment of health and development, which is relatively informal will then follow, with you closely involved.

Diagnostic tests in the clinic include pulmonary function test (spirometry), allergy testing (skin prick test) and electrocardiogram. The paediatrician further may request blood samples to be taken in KPLL laboratory facilities and/or x-ray to be performed in an Imaging clinic (listed here) At the end of the assessment the team will spend a short time together to consider the findings of the assessment and to devise recommendations for helping your child.
We then have a full discussion with you and we jointly agree on management/treatment plan for your child, and plan a review if necessary.

Please bring your child’s CPR-card, referral and any medicines that your child is taking with you to the clinic.

Seeing your child again
When we have completed our assessment, we jointly agree on recommendations and the plan for review. Some children may require repeat visits.

Cancelling appointments
If for any reason you find that it is impossible to attend the appointment, please let us know immediately (at least 5 days’ notice) so that we can offer another child this date. Other parents who are on our waiting list are very grateful if they can be given a cancellation appointment.

A report is sent to your general practitioner/family doctor. The report gives details our assessment findings, our recommendations for treating your child and the plan for a review.